Smoking Fetish Forum III Statistics
Smoking Fetish Forum III Statistics
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Public - Info & Technical Assistance Forums
Announcements (1 Viewing)
This forum holds site announcements such as downtime warnings, mod promotions etc. (read only)
66 71
The SFF-3 Community Guidelines can be found here. Any violations should be notified by using the link. This forum is for members questions and clarifications.
53 210
Technical Assistance (74 Viewing)
A place to ask questions. Please use this forum rather than e-mail or PM.
3rd February 2016 20:22 Go to last post
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20th January 2016 18:03 Go to last post
655 2,899
Let others know of good software, tips and tricks you have found.
190 807
Public - The Written Word
New Chat Posts/Threads
Introductions (1 Viewing)
Members only: A place for members to say "Hello". Also holds important information for new members.
Private 1,325 8,185
The Celeb Buzz (32 Viewing)
A forum for 'In Real Life' celeb sightings, media mentions, heads up's for TV smoking etc.
1,089 8,728
Brands & Technique (14 Viewing)
Here the community absorbs knowledge from the chiefs about brands and techniques.
Yesterday 19:04 Go to last post
237 2,182
You and your smoking and how it affects relationships, careers and life in general.
502 5,628
Down a pint or two, strut your stuff and if you want to find the woman/man of your dreams or just friends, this is the place...
5th February 2016 16:38 Go to last post
236 1,028
A place where members can leave reviews of commercial sites, DVD's and stores.
7th February 2016 06:59 Go to last post
41 424
Where heroes congregate to regale us with tales and glimpses of that exquisite heroine, the "Modern Smoking Goddess".
by abcde
9th February 2016 21:23 Go to last post
553 5,063
Where the worthy gather to chronicle and spread word of that rarest of sights, the "Modern Cigar Goddess".
7th February 2016 19:55 Go to last post
144 1,463
Warning: X-rated. Because of 18+ only content, this forum is restricted to members only. Stories in this forum may contain hardcore elements and adult language.
Private 509 6,867
Warning: X-rated. Because of 18+ only content, this forum is restricted to members only. Stories in this forum may contain hardcore elements and adult language.
Private 120 1,684
Smoking & Sex (13 Viewing)
Warning: X-rated. Because of 18+ only content, this forum is restricted to members only. Discussions in this forum may contain hardcore elements and sex talk.
Private 199 4,261
Smokey Chat (48 Viewing)
Any smoking related topics not covered by other forums go in here.
8th February 2016 15:29 Go to last post
1,600 12,520
Cobble Bone Way (6 Viewing)
The street. Where non-smoking discussions can huddle together in the wind and rain outside :)
by bk911
7th February 2016 20:24 Go to last post
992 7,550
Just for Laughs (2 Viewing)
Smoking and non-smoking humour, quizzes and other fun stuff.
by Kippe
9th February 2016 20:35 Go to last post
735 2,787
Here His Highness, Overlord Archcommander "Smoke me a kipper" MegaWebmaster listens to suggested improvements and additions to the forum. His name on a good day is Tippy :)
7th February 2016 07:11 Go to last post
222 1,795
Public - World Smoking - Mundo Fumador - Fumeuses du Monde - Fumatrici dal mondo - Welt Rauchen
Forum in Italiano (3 Viewing)
Questo forum, esclusivamente in italiano, è dedicato a chi vuol porre delle domande, raccontare delle storie o discutere su ogni argomento. Moderatore: Sonpao.
241 3,859
Forum en Français (11 Viewing)
Ce forum s'adresse aux francophones qui désirent poser des questions, raconter des histoires ou échanger sur différents sujets. Modérateur: Tibobtremblay.
132 1,260
Forum en español (3 Viewing)
Este foro es para consultas en español, historias y charlas de todo tipo. Español exclusivamente. Moderador: silverwindmiguel.
12th January 2016 20:25 Go to last post
58 655
Deutsches Forum (7 Viewing)
Dieses Forum ist für deutsche Fragen, Geschichten und Diskussionen. Moderator: Kournicom.
Yesterday 06:21 Go to last post
99 1,064
Public - Forums
(Closed for non-member download until further notice)
Finest Smoker of 2015 (9 Viewing)
TIME TO VOTE - Nominations are closed
7 192
Non-adult. A place for candids, street, beach and party pics, and real life images.
Today 07:18 Go to last post
3,064 201,461
Non-adult. The place for studio and staged sets and images.
Today 07:13 Go to last post
1,890 117,919
Cigar Smoking Images (39 Viewing)
Series Set: Britteni Banks
Today 04:45 Go to last post
2,900 80,193
1,913 71,891
557 13,948
Adult cigarette high definition movies. Minimum resolution 720p. Upto 200Mb. More on the members side.
80 Hours WMV by Smoking Erotica
1,218 123,880
Theme Weekends (4 Viewing)
Sub-forums relating to SFF-3 Theme Weekends.
31st January 2016 11:12 Go to last post
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61 353
A place for webmasters to promote their smokey sites, and for producers to announce new releases, updates etc.
8th February 2016 22:48 Go to last post
854 5,593
PPV, VOD and smokey downloads from the Internets No:1 award winning theater.
2nd February 2016 06:25 Go to last post
106 565
SFF-3 Live video chat (10 Viewing)
Live video chat at the worlds largest webcam arena. With dedicated smoke fetish girls.
by imlive
Today 03:42 Go to last post
6,893 7,424
Member Forums
Downloading restricted to registered members. Registration is free.
by thabit
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21st January 2016 02:16 Go to last post
18th January 2016 05:17 Go to last post
58 1,487
BlueBird TV (5 Viewing)
Clips from UK channel BBTV, some of the hottest smoking babes on TV!
by hoggitt
9th February 2016 11:51 Go to last post
94 7,850
1,060 63,694
by chromeg
Today 07:21 Go to last post
2,293 194,493

Special: "33% off" by
4,051 286,068
1,559 170,707
2,268 99,005
Today 07:22 Go to last post
955 35,401
Cigar Smoking Movies (11 Viewing)
Today 00:08 Go to last post
631 28,435
1,884 48,947
299 20,888
318 10,847
88 4,161
Theme MegaThreads (12 Viewing)
Smoking Brides? Face Blowing? Thick Exhales? - A forum for themes.
Threads are ongoing, anyone can contribute to any thread. Reposts permitted.
314 34,226
Today 05:08 Go to last post
634 37,694
Ebony and Exotic (15 Viewing)
Ebony, Middle Eastern, Desi, Asian and Exotic
by CTJ08
Today 07:00 Go to last post
872 34,713
Femdom (50 Viewing)
A place where the gentler sex... isn't.
1,963 81,451
Significant Others (12 Viewing)
A place to post stories, movies and images of your special someone.
685 38,599
Male Smoking (1 Viewing)
59 304
Smoking Artwork (17 Viewing)
874 11,640
A place for 'fakes', E-Cigs and simulated smoking. (requests for fakes should also be placed here).
838 12,696
9th February 2016 16:14 Go to last post
566 11,676
606 12,139
1,167 29,267
1,776 62,523
Direct Links (47 Viewing)
Direct links to smokey content, Rapidshare, Movies, YouTube etc.
5,176 58,622
The Link List Forums (9 Viewing)
Links to all kinds of smokey sites, Free sites, Pay sites, Yahoo Groups.
Any member can add a link to any smokey site (except banned sites).
If a link is dead, please just leave a 'Dead site' post in the thread, or use the "Report this post..." link.
by jaloose
7th February 2016 06:00 Go to last post
by Prok!
5th February 2016 14:55 Go to last post
4th February 2016 20:23 Go to last post
1st February 2016 00:16 Go to last post
733 1,571
Looking for that particular model or theme ? Place your request in here.
Please do not post actual pictures/movies in this forum.
596 2,108
Requests (celebrity) (12 Viewing)
Looking for that particular celeb clip or piccies ? Place your request in here.
Please do not post actual pictures/movies in this forum.
10th January 2016 06:30 Go to last post
510 1,153
Hardcore Images (59 Viewing)
Warning: XXX explicit images inside.
2,019 142,630
Hardcore Movies (376 Viewing)
Warning: XXX explicit movies inside.
4,249 623,103
Moderated private forum available to all members, but requiring members to apply to view because of content. Apply here
Warning: Member discretion advised.
- - -
Restricted V.I.P. Forums
Restricted access forums.
V.I.P. Area: Special forum full of material exclusive to those who help with server costs. Both smoking and a non-smoking bonus forum.
The Outhouse (68/205) 
Private 798 7,354
V.I.P. Area: Both hardcore smoking and softcore smoking forums exclusive to members of Smoking Girl Heaven
Pay site forum (softcore) (55/222) 
Private 243 1,096
Threads in this forum are the oldest in the forum and will shortly have their attachments deleted to reuse hard disk space. Last chance to download!
Access requirements are the same as Archives below.
Private 280 20,321
Archives (7 Viewing)
V.I.P. Area: SFF-3 & SFF-2 archives accessable only to members of Smoking Girl Heaven or members with a minimum number of posts and above a preset reputation score. Details here.
Private 49,003 1,734,448

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